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Tech Interview 101 - From DSA to System Design for Working Professionals

Live Course
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Course Description

Why do Professionals in Software Engineering often struggle to create efficient and scalable systems?

Well, the solution lies in integrating DSA principles effectively into real-world System Design scenarios. If you want to learn this in order to crack the Tech Giants, register now!!!

levelBeginner to Advance
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Course Overview


Course Overview

In the realm of software engineering, Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) and System Design share a symbiotic relationship. Wondering how?

DSA provides the tools and techniques to efficiently organize and manipulate data while System Design guides the application of DSA in real-world scenarios, dictating how data should flow and interact within a system. For enabling System Designers to create scalable and designing robust and efficient performant software architectures, a solid foundation in DSA is a must. Therefore DSA and System Design are intricately connected in a way where DSA empowers System Design with efficiency, and System Design channels the power of DSA into functional and scalable software solutions.

Tailored for working professionals, our course optimizes skills for top tech jobs, leveraging DSA and System Design expertise.

Why this Course Matters:

  • Unlock High-Paying Opportunities: Prepare to secure top positions at renowned tech giants like Microsoft, Uber, Amazon, and more with this comprehensive interview-prep course.
  • Master DSA: Elevate your problem-solving and coding skills while enhancing your conceptual knowledge through live immersive mentorship in Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA).
  • Become a System Design Expert: This course covers both low-level and high-level aspects of design principles, patterns, case studies, and more, making you proficient as an architect, engineer, or lead.
  • Real-World Application: Gain hands-on experience and develop critical thinking skills to effectively tackle real-world challenges in the tech industry.
  • Comprehensive Content: Access a carefully curated DSA course, created by the CEO, to complement the system design curriculum, providing you with a holistic learning experience.
  • Doubt Assistance & Contests: Receive personalized help with your queries through 1:1 live doubt-solving sessions and engage in stimulating contests to test and enhance your skills.
  • Optimized for Working Professionals: Designed to accommodate your busy schedule, ensuring you can acquire the knowledge needed to secure better job opportunities in the tech industry.
  • Career Advancement: Acquire the expertise to excel as a Software Developer, Tech Lead, or Architect, opening up exciting career advancement opportunities.
  • Foundation Building Sessions: Prior to the main course, benefit from a 2-week foundational course to build a strong base of knowledge

Gain Complimentary Access to:

  • DSA Self-Paced Course - By Mr. Sandeep Jain, CEO and Founder @ GeeksforGeeks
  • Low-Level Design - By Arsh Goyal (Senior Software Engineer at Samsung India)
  • High-Level Design by Jay Chakra (Senior Consulting Engineer at MongoDB)

Join us on this transformative learning experience and elevate your career to new heights. Register now to become a proficient system designer and interview ace!

Highly Recommended for: Working professionals preparing for job switch

What Sets Us Apart

Job Assistance

Course Features
Job Assistance

Our Job Assistance Program is designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to help you get started and succeed in your coding career. Our team is responsible for connecting you with tailored job opportunities.

We provide:

- Skill based Job Mapping
- Access to Interview Opportunities
- Resume Optimization
- Industry Networking
& much more!

Enroll today & avail this service inlcuded with this course!

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What Sets Us Apart

Job Assistance

Our Job Assistance Program is designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to


Course Content

01DSA Live Programme - Live (Basics)

Algorithms and Data Structures:

  • Time and space complexity analysis.
  • Arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues.

Key Techniques and Applications:

  • Sorting and searching algorithms.
  • Binary trees, binary search trees, and basic traversals.
02DSA Live Programme - Live (Intermediate)

Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms:

  • Greedy algorithms 
  • Heap data structure, heap sort, and priority queues.

Graphs and Advanced Algorithms:

  • Graph representations and traversal (BFS, DFS)
  • Implementing MST (Prim's, Kruskal's) and SSSP (Dijkstra, Bellman-Ford).
03DSA Live Programme - Live (Advanced)

Advanced Algorithms:

  • Advanced graph algorithms (e.g., Dijkstra, Floyd-Warshall).
  • Divide and Conquer strategies.
  • Dynamic Programming (Memoization, Tabulation).

Advanced Data Structures:

  • Advanced trees (AVL, Red-Black).
  • Advanced hashing and collision resolution.
  • Advanced searching techniques (Interpolation, Exponential).

An extensive interview-centric live course designed by industry experts to help you ace the interview of your dreams. We will help you enhance your conceptual knowledge about DSA and improve your problem-solving and coding skills.

For more information, please go here

04Mastering System Design: Low-Level Design

OOP Fundamentals:

  • OOP principles: classes, objects, encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
  • Advanced OOP concepts: operator overloading, association, and composition.

Design Principles & Patterns:

  • SOLID principles and key design patterns: Strategy, Observer, Factory, Singleton, and more.

Reviews and Ratings

Swapnil Javanjal
Swapnil Javanjal
Placed in Microsoft
I was enrolled in the System Design Live classes. I must say, Mentor and GFG support are both very professional and helpful to the students. The Mentor has a deep understanding of the system design concepts and knows the best way to teach difficult topics in it. He has cleared a ton of my doubts during the classes which helped me clear many interviews of the top-notch companies in the United States. Menor is an informative, collaborative, and interactive person who will help you in climbing up the career ladder. I would recommend this course to everyone who is starting with his/her interview preparations or has intermediate interview skills and are not sure where they are going wrong.

Reviews and Ratings

user profile
Placed at Google
In addition to the DSA live for working professional, I also enrolled in the System design . Both of these Courses offers a diverse set of challenging and non-repetitive questions, which helps save time that would otherwise be spent on selecting appropriate questions. After the standard questions, the tests also provide time-bound challenges. In my opinion, the level of difficulty of the questions is sufficient for preparing for a FAANG coding interview. The GeeksforGeeks team has done a great job in creating courses that are tailored towards a specific audience with a specific goal in mind.
user profile
Placed in Globallogic a Hitachi group company
Live classes of DSA for Working Professional are very good and they covered all the important topics for placement in good MNC. This course helped me a lot and gives me the confidence to develop coding logic. Before this course, I didn't knew the concept of data structures but now I bagged multiple offers from TOP MNCs.
user profile
Mridul Pant
Placed at Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd
I enrolled in the System Design Live course from GeeksforGeeks and it was one of the best decisions of my life. This course has helped me to crack various product-based startups. I would recommend this course to anyone who has 3+ years of experience. I have been placed at Rupeek Fintech Pvt. Ltd as a Data Engineer.
user profile
Aniket Srivastava
Placed in Societe Generale
I have used GFG for a pretty long, for DSA but with time now that I am transitioning into a Senior role for System Design and it's very critical to make the cut, especially into technically rich profiles. So, this course has given me a structure to know the topics that I need to cover and expertise level at various experience levels. So, now I have the overall understanding of the concepts needed in order to do well in these rounds.
user profile
Placed at Amazon
I purchased this package specifically targeting Amazon interviews. It not only helped me crack Amazon but helped in the interviews of other companies as well like MMT, Paytm, etc.
user profile
Hitesh Garg
Placed in Sophos
I had less experience in system design in my current company hence for further interview preparation I need to learn more about system design. This course helped me a lot in learning more about System Design. I liked the way how the course structure is designed. There are more and more practical examples that helped a lot. Mentor was also my favorite from GeeksforGeeks till now. Got to learn more about micro services high-level scalable system design. Because of this course, I was able to crack every single interview of high-level design in all big companies.
user profile
Chitransh Gupta
Placed at Amazon
This course indeed is the right investment one can look for in gaining insights into Data Structure and Algorithms. Either a college student or a working professional can benefit from the course as DS & Algorithms is a core to crack the technical interviews & currently working as Software Development Engineer. Apart from this, Sandeep Sir's teaching is phenomenal. Thank you GeeksforGeeks for this amazing test series.
user profile
Nikhil Kumar
Placed in DateTheRamp
I have joined the Geeks Classes batch for DSA to get placed in a good product-based company. This course helped me a lot to understand Data structures and algorithms from basics to an advanced level. The course was well mentored and the content was very well presented. I bagged an offer at a very good product-based company and I am extremely thankful to Sandeep sir and GFG for designing this course.
user profile
Rajasai Bandaru
I got placed at Amazon
This bundle is an excellent collection of questions that will help us understand what companies like Amazon or other top multinational corporations expect from us. I recommend this bundle to anyone who wants to join a FAANG company or any other company, as it covers a wide range of topics and questions.
user profile
Abhishek Arora
Placed at Amazon
I thought this course was extremely well done, and proves it can be done. Currently, I am working in Amazon. The world is full of professionals that are interested in taking real courses for credit, but are on the road all the time. It built confidence and skills. Thanks for this wonderful journey at GeeksforGeeks.
user profile
Illisha Singh
Placed at Goldman Sachs
My college, Shiv Nadar University, gave us a chance to appear for an online coding test that was held on GFG itself to assess and choose students who they would sponsor for this Advanced Programming course. I was interning back then, but since I was interested in programming, I decided to appear for the same. I was fortunate enough to get selected and subsequently enrolled in this wonderful course with an extremely brilliant mentor named Sachin Chandani. The course was very evenly paced and took care of a lot of concepts that are otherwise missed out on if one chooses to go ahead and study on their own. The course started with the basic level and the weekly coding practice tests made sure that everyone was completing those in time and learning holistically as well. The environment was very constructive and we were encouraged to gain more and experiment more throughout. Had I not been enrolled on this by my college, I doubt I would have ever found this learning resource.
user profile
Shivangi Goel
Placed at Dell
GFG is an exceptional platform that offers courses with well-designed, informative content. Its user-friendly interface made it easy for me to dive into the topic of DSA, which I used to find intimidating. The practice questions on this platform helped me develop my logical and analytical skills, and all of my concepts were clarified. I want to express my gratitude to the team for creating such a valuable and helpful course and platform
user profile
Shubham Kumar Agrawal
Placed at Brane (NSLHUB)
I am Shubham, a mechanical undergrad from IIT Bhubaneswar. I would like to thank, GeeksforGeeks for providing an immensely detailed course for the ease of students. This course has helped a non-Computer Science(B.Tech) student like me, to secure 3 offers in the software industry. Being an alumnus from IIT without any offer in hand, was very depressing for me. I bought the System Design-Live course from GeeksforGeeks and apart from this, four other courses like DSA self-paced course, CPP STL, SDE Theory, and Low-Level Design course, around 10 months back and practiced rigorously. Today I can proudly say, that I have 3 offers in hand with a base pay of 7 LPA, 10 LPA, and 18 LPA. Thanks a lot to the whole community of GeeksForGeeks. Thank you Sandeep Jain sir for making GeeksforGeeks.
user profile
Rajan Arora
CFR Intern at American Express
Geeks For Geeks is an amazing place to learn code from starting. Being an absolute beginner, I started my coding life at GFG. First, I enrolled in Fork CPP that helped me to clear my fundamentals of C++ and start learning from the Placement Preparation Course because of the hands of the coding concept of DSA, I was able to improve my code writing skills and my problem-solving skills. to brush my skill I took the Amazon test series and participate in every event contest like Must Do Interview Preparation, Coding Round Contests - Test Series, 30 Days of Code, etc. I can say Sandeep Jain sir is an amazing, fun-loving teacher and made the class very enjoyable. The teaching assistants were very helpful and helped me learn from my mistakes. It was an amazing journey with Geeks For Geeks and I was fully satisfied with my course!! I Owe my success to Sandeep Sir and Geeks For Geeks!! Cheers!
user profile
Harshit Khandelwal
Placed at United Health Group
The course helped in better shaping my answers in interviews. The practice sessions improved my Data structures and problem-solving ability, and live online lectures helped me to further brush up on those DSA problems which once looked intimidating.

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