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Top 20 Hashing Technique based Interview Questions

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  1. Find whether an array is subset of another array
  2. Union and Intersection of two Linked Lists
  3. Find a pair with given sum
  4. Find Itinerary from a given list of tickets
  5. Find four elements a, b, c and d in an array such that a+b = c+d
  6. Find the largest subarray with 0 sum
  7. Count distinct elements in every window of size k
  8. Find smallest range containing elements from k lists
  9. Palindrome Substring Queries
  10. Largest subarray with equal number of 0s and 1s
  11. Advantages of BST over Hash Table
  12. Check if an array can be divided into pairs whose sum is divisible by k
  13. Count the number of subarrays having a given XOR
  14. Implementing our Own Hash Table with Separate Chaining in Java
  15. Internal Working of HashMap in Java
  16. Find missing elements of a range
  17. Longest Consecutive Subsequence
  18. Print all subarrays with 0 sum
  19. Open Addressing for Collision Handling
  20. Separate Chaining for Collision Handling
  21. Given an array of pairs, find all symmetric pairs in it

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Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2023
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