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Top 50 Tree Coding Problems for Interviews

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Here is the collection of the Top 50 list of frequently asked interviews question on Tree. Problems in this Article are divided into three Levels so that readers can practice according to the difficulty level step by step.


Level 1



Height of Binary Tree Solve
Determine if two trees are identical Solve
Mirror tree Solve
Symmetric Tree Solve
Diameter of tree Solve
Checked for Balanced tree Solve
Children Sum Parent Solve
Check for BST Solve
Array to BST Solve
Largest value in each level of binary tree Solve
Maximum GCD of siblings of a binary tree Solve
Zigzag Tree Traversal Solve
Inorder Successor in BST Solve
Kth Largest Element in a BST Solve

Level 2



Check if subtree Solve
Single Valued Subtree Solve
Unique BSTs Solve
Inorder Traversal (iterative) Solve
Preorder Traversal (iterative) Solve
Postorder Traversal(iterative) Solve
Vertical Traversal of a Binary Tree Solve
Boundary Traversal Solve
Construct Binary Tree from Parent array Solve
Construct Binary Tree from Preorder and Inorder Traversal Solve
Preorder Traversal and BST Solve
Construct tree from preorder traversal Solve
Minimum distance between two given nodes Solve
Maximum sum leaf to root path Solve
Odd Even Level Difference Solve
Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary Tree Solve
Ancestors in Binary Tree Solve
Remove BST keys outside the given range Solve
Pair with given target in BST Solve
Sum Tree Solve
BST to greater sum tree Solve
BST to max heap Solve
Clone binary tree with random pointer Solve
Maximum sum of non adjacent nodes Solve
Largest BST in a Binary Tree Solve
Extreme nodes in alternate order Solve

Level 3



Connect nodes at same level Solve
Nodes at given distance in a Binary Tree Solve
Sorted Linked List to BST Solve
Binary Tree to Doubly Linked List Solve
Maximum sum path between two leaf nodes Solve
K-Sum Paths Solve
Number of turns in a binary tree Solve
Merge two BST’s Solve
Fixing two nodes of a BST Solve
Burn Binary Tree Solve

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Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2022
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