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Top 50 String Coding Problems for Interviews

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Here is the collection of the Top 50 list of frequently asked interviews question on Strings. Problems in this Article are divided into three Levels so that readers can practice according to the difficulty level step by step. 


Level 1



Reverse words in a given string Solve
Longest Common Prefix Solve
Roman Number to Integer Solve
Integer to Roman Solve
Closest Strings Solve
Divisible by 7 Solve
Encrypt the String – II Solve
Equal point in a string of brackets Solve
Isomorphic Strings Solve
Check if two strings are k-anagrams or not Solve
Panagram Checking Solve
Minimum Deletions Solve
Number of Distinct Subsequences Solve
Check if string is rotated by two places Solve

Level 2



Implement Atoi Solve
Validate an IP address Solve
License Key Formatting Solve
Find the largest word in dictionary Solve
Equal 0,1, and 2 Solve
Find and replace in String  
Add Binary Strings Solve
Sum of two large numbers Solve
Multiply two strings Solve
Look and say Pattern Solve
Minimum times A has to be repeated to make B a Substring Solve
Excel Sheet – I Solve
Form a Palindrome Solve
Find the N-th character Solve
Next higher palindromic number using the same set of digits Solve
Length of longest prefix suffix Solve
Longest K unique characters substring Solve
Smallest window in string containing all characters Solve
Longest Palindromic Subsequence Solve
Longest substring without repeating characters Solve
Substrings of length k with k-1 distinct elements Solve
Count number of substrings Solve
Interleaved Strings Solve
Print Anagrams together Solve
Rank the permutation Solve
A Special Keyboard Solve

Level 3

Problems Solve
Restrictive Candy Crush Solve
Edit Distance Solve
Search Pattern (KMP-Algorithm) Solve
Search Pattern (Rabin-Karp Algorithm) Solve
Search Pattern (Z-algorithm) Solve
Shortest Common Supersequence Solve
Number of words with K maximum distinct vowels Solve
Longest substring to form a Palindrome Solve
Longest Valid Parenthesis Solve
Distinct Palindromic Substrings Solve

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Last Updated : 11 Nov, 2022
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