Randomized Algorithms

  • Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2023

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What is Randomized Algorithm?

An algorithm that uses random numbers to decide what to do next anywhere in its logic is called Randomized Algorithm.

For example, in Randomized Quick Sort, we use a random number to pick the next pivot (or we randomly shuffle the array). Typically, this randomness is used to reduce time complexity or space complexity in other standard algorithms.

Topics :


  1. Random Variables
  2. Binomial Random Variables
  3. Randomized Algorithms | Set 0 (Mathematical Background)
  4. Randomized Algorithms | Set 1 (Introduction and Analysis)
  5. Randomized Algorithms | Set 2 (Classification and Applications)
  6. Randomized Algorithms | Set 3 (1/2 Approximate Median)

Problems on Randomized Algorithms:


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