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SSC Reasoning Syllabus

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Important reasoning questions for SSC: General Intelligence and Reasoning is a high-scoring subject in the SSC CGL test. The more you practice, the better your reasoning score will be. Analogies, similarities and differences, spatial visualization, problem-solving, analysis, judgment, decision-making, relationship concepts, arithmetical reasoning, coding and decoding, and other subjects will be covered in the reasoning section of the SSC CGL test.

The following are the most essential Reasoning subjects for the SSC CGL Exam:

  1. Analogy
  2. Syllogism
  3. Coded equations
  4. Classification
  5. Blood Relation
  6. Direction questions
  7. Arithmetic Reasoning
  8. Venn Diagram
  9. Visual Reasoning
  10. Paper folding; unfolding questions
  11. Alphabet test

SSC Reasoning  Important Questions and Topics

Questions measuring a candidate’s thinking ability are asked in many tests that an individual appears for during his life. There are three forms of reasoning questions: verbal reasoning questions, nonverbal reasoning questions, and logical reasoning questions. 

Some people regard reasoning inquiries as perplexing and manipulative. Questions based on the reasoning part are posed in practically all competitive examinations, whether they are entrance exams, government job examinations, or private ones. The below SSC Reasoning Important Questions and Topics will help you comprehend the important reasoning questions for SSC.




Venn Diagram


Blood Relations

Direction and Distance

Arithmetic number series

Non-verbal series

Alphabet Test

Coding and decoding

Statement Conclusion

Calendar reasoning

Order and Ranking



The capacity to think logically about a certain scenario or topic is referred to as reasoning. You may improve your mental skills and strive towards a logical approach by answering the reasoning questions. How well you reason determines how you approach and cope with an issue. Reasoning is a part that cannot be solved using formulas or quick methods since it demands you to use your brain and years of knowledge and experience. Make sure you solve the above SSC Reasoning important topics to get yourself familiar with the actual question paper.

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Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2023
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