GATE CS Preparation

  • Last Updated : 20 Sep, 2023

GATE CS exam is a highly competitive exam for computer science students in India for those students who want to pursue higher studies or secure a job in the Govt. public sector. The purpose of this exam is to assess proficiency in a range of computer science subjects, such as data structures, algorithms, operating systems, databases, compilers, networks, and the theory of computation, among others. If you’re planning to take the GATE CS 2024 exam, you may be wondering how to prepare effectively and efficiently. This article offers valuable tips and resources to help you excel in the GATE CS exam.


All about GATE CS Preparation for 2022 aspirants. The page contains solutions of previous year GATE CS papers with explanations, topic wise Quizzes, notes/tutorials and important links for preparation.

GATE CS Notes/Tutorials (According to Official GATE 2022 Syllabus)

Previous Years’ questions/answers/explanation for GATE CS

Previous Years’ questions/answers/explanation for GATE IT

Topic-wise Mock Quizzes for GATE CS

Data Structures and Algorithms


Important Links:

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