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CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus

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CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus: The CBSE Class 8 Biology syllabus provides comprehensive information on the topics to be covered in the subject, including crop production, microorganisms, conservation, cell structure, animal reproduction, and reaching the Age of Adolescence. Understanding the syllabus can help students create an effective study plan and stay on track with their academic goals. Stay ahead of the curve by checking out the latest CBSE Class 8 Biology syllabus for the upcoming academic year!

CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus – Chapters Wise

Here is the complete chapter list of CBSE Class 8 Biology, covering all important chapters such as Crop Production, reproduction, Conservation of Plants and Animals, Microorganisms, Reproduction in Animals, and more.

Chapter Number

CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus

Chapter 1

Crop Production and Management

Chapter 2

Microorganisms: Friends and Foe

Chapter 5

Conservation of Plants and Animals

Chapter 6

Reproduction in Animals

Chapter 7

Reaching The Age of Adolescence

CBSE Class 8 Biology will provide you with a simple and clear understanding of all the major concepts, making it easier to revise the entire syllabus. From crop production and microorganisms to cell structure and animal reproduction. The latest NCERT syllabus will help you prepare for the toughest topics with ease. 

Chapter- 1 Crop Production and Management

  1. Agricultural Practices
  2. Basic Practice of Crop Production
  3. Preparation of Soil
  4. Agricultural Implements
  5. Sowing
  6. Adding Manure and Fertilisers
  7. Irrigation
  8. Protection from Weeds
  9. Harvesting 
  10. Storage
  11. Food from Animals
  12. Animal Husbandry

Chapter- 2 Microorganisms: Friends and Foe

  1. Where do Microorganisms Live? 
  2. Medicinal Use of Microorganisms
  3. Vaccine
  4. Increasing Soil Fertility and Cleaning the Environment
  5. Disease-causing Microorganisms in Humans
  6. Disease-causing Microorganisms in Animals and  in plants
  7. Food Preservation
  8. Nitrogen Fixation
  9. Nitrogen cycle

Chapter- 5 Conservation of Plants and Animals

  1. Consequences of Deforestation
  2. Conservation of Forest and Wildlife
  3. Biosphere Reserve
  4. Flora and Fauna
  5. Endemic Species
  6. Wildlife Sanctuary
  7. National Park
  8. Migration
  9. Recycling of Paper
  10. Reforestation
  11. Red Data Book 

Chapter- 6 Reproduction in Animals

  1. Introduction of Reproduction
  2. Male Reproductive Organs
  3. Female Reproductive Organs
  4. Fertilization
  5. Development of Embryo
  6. Viviparous and Oviparous Animals
  7. Asexual Reproduction
  8. Types of Asexual Reproduction

Chapter- 7 Reaching The Age of Adolescence

  1. Adolescence and Puberty
  2. Changes at Puberty
  3. Secondary Sexual Characters
  4. Reproductive Phase of Life in Humans
  5. How is the Sex of the Baby Determined?
  6. Hormones other than Sex Hormones
  7. Role of Hormones in Completing the Life History of Insects and Frogs
  8. Reproductive Health


Biology is an interesting and important subject that teaches us about plants, animals, and microorganisms. Our CBSE Class 8 Biology syllabus is designed to make it easier for students to understand and revise the subject. The syllabus provides a clear understanding of all the important concepts, so students can study smarter and score higher on their exams.

FAQs on CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus

Q1. What are the biology chapters in Class 8?

Answer:  Class 8 Biology typically covers topics such as crop production, microorganisms, conservation, cell structure, reaching the age of adolescence, and animal reproduction. However, the specific topics covered may vary depending on the educational board or system.

Q2. How to make notes for Biology Class 8?

Answer:  To make effective notes for Class 8 Biology, students should focus on understanding key concepts, using diagrams and illustrations, and organizing information in a clear and concise manner. Summarizing information and reviewing regularly can also help with retention and understanding.

Q3. Is Class 8 Biology difficult?

Answer: The difficulty level of Class 8 Biology varies depending upon individual factors such as prior knowledge, interest, and teaching methods that can affect a student’s experience and performance in the subject. Nonetheless, with adequate effort and attention, most students can succeed in understanding and excelling in the subject.

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Last Updated : 28 Jul, 2023
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