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CBSE Notes for Class 10 Physics

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Physics is an important subject to score good marks in Class 10 as well as to gain knowledge. So, GeeksforGeeks provides Chapterwise explained in detail Notes. Class 10 Physics Notes helps to learn how motion, energy, Light, electricity, and work affect our lives. Our Class 10 Physics Notes ensures that you study everything in accordance with your NCERT textbook, core books, or reference books. The following chapter-wise CBSE Class 10 Physics notes consist of 5 chapters including Light, The human eye and the colourful world, Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Electric Current, Sources of Energy which are further equipped with various concepts, everyday life examples, conceptual questions, and numericals on the same, in order to understand better and solve problems easily.

CBSE Notes for Class 10 Physics

Chapter 1: Light

The very first chapter in the Physics syllabus of Class 10 is Light. The chapter Light is also studied in Class 8 also. The only difference between the topics discussed in Class 10 Notes is that, the vastness and depth of the study. Here we have covered the important topic of reflection and refraction and how to calculate the nature, position, image, and magnification generated by a spherical mirror. It also includes refraction of light via glass slab, the concept of refractive index, Spherical Lenses, Power of lens, and more. The following articles are listed below also includes Solved Sample Questions that help to understand the topic better:

Chapter 2: The human eye and the colourful world

The second chapter of Physics in the Class 10 Science book is the human eye and the colourful world. The human eye is one of the most important and sensitive sense organs, that enable us to see the colourful world around us. This chapter helps us to understand how our eyes functions and different phenomenon related to it. Therefore, our Class 10 Physics Notes cover the Importance of the eye, Defects of vision and their correction, Atmospheric refraction, Light refraction through the prism, Scattering of light, Tyndall effect, and more. GeeksforGeeks Class 10 Physics Notes are equipped with a detailed explanation of the topics listed below along with the Sample Questions related to them for a better understanding of the concept:

Chapter 3: Electricity

Electricity is the third and the most crucial chapter of the Physics curriculum in Class 10 Science subject. Electricity is the flow of electrical power or charge. CBSE Class 10 Physics Notes cover all the related topics of electricity in this chapter. Students can understand the electric current, electric potential, Ohm’s Law, and circuit with the help of a diagram. It also includes Resistance, factors on which the resistance depends, the system of resistors along with the heating effect of a current, commercial unit of electrical energy, and many more. The articles on the topics covered in this chapter are listed below, these articles cover all the major topics as well as subtopics covered in a reference or NCERT book, along with Sample Questions on each topic:

Chapter 4: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Magnetic Effects of Electric Current is also an important chapter in Class 10 Physics. This chapter helps to develop a basic understanding of Magnets and Magnetism. Magnetism is the property of attraction of small pieces of iron, So, Magnet is a material that has both attractive and repelling properties. Our Class 10 Physics Notes cover all the significant topics like magnetic field and field lines, the force on current-carrying conductors, etc. It also covers electric motors, electric generators, and domestic electric circuits in a detailed way with solved conceptual questions in the articles listed below:

Chapter 5: Sources of Energy

The fifth and the last chapter in the Syllabus of Class 10 Physics is Sources of Energy. Energy is defined as the capacity of a body to do work. Therefore, it is required to store in a body to do more of the work. So, GeeksforGeeks Class 10 Physics Notes notes cover all the topics like energy, fossil fuels, conventional sources of energy, and more. Students can learn alternatives or non-conventional sources of energy in the articles listed below:

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Last Updated : 18 Mar, 2023
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