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5 Deep Learning Project Ideas for Beginners

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Well, irrespective of our age or domain or background knowledge some things succeed in fascinating us in a way such that we’re so motivated to do something related to it. Artificial Intelligence is one such thing that needs nothing more than just a definition to attract anyone and everyone. To be precise, Artificial Intelligence is the godfather. It simply means the ability of a machine to learn, act & think like a human through complex algorithms and programs.

5 Deep Learning Project Ideas for Beginners

Deep learning involves using complex neural networks to train and deploy big-time projects using large datasets. The relationship between Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Deep learning is pretty simple and straight-forward (as shown in the diagram given below).

Refer to the following project ideas and see if you find anything interesting as these projects are super-effective and will give you an edge over the others in your boat. These projects not just enhance your knowledge practically but also make you industry-ready and hold a valuable place on your resume! The overall procedure is however the same for any project.

1. Live COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 crisis has put the globe into a shock, everything literally paused for a while. It has become important to stay updated on the stats (diseased, recovered, fatalities, rate of growth, regional updates, vaccine updates, etc…). As important as the stats, is the truthfulness of those stats. Hence, a COVID-19 dashboard with verified true information is ultimately the need of the hour. Building a dashboard is easy. All you need to do is gather relevant & true information and display it on your dashboard. By building this project, you’d not just learn but you’re helping the world stay updated about the latest COVID-19 happenings.

2. Face Mask Detection

In the COVID-19 crisis, it is mandatory for every traveler to wear a mask irrespective of the distance traveled. Wearing a mask protects the person wearing it and the uncountable number of living beings in indirect contact with that person. Well, apart from common sense, one needs to keep a watch on their visitors — for instance, a security guard now also monitors for people not wearing a mask, and he takes strict actions upon finding so. But up to what extent can one manually check for people not putting on a mask? One cannot keep a watch on every moving person to check whether they’re wearing a mask. Thus, this process needs to be automated.

The UNLOCK phase has begun, industries & companies have reopened, people have resumed working from offices… Every organization is in need of an automated system that can automatically detect whether their visitors have worn a mask. A face mask detection system is the idea! You can build one that detects so and buzzes an alarm when one has violated the mask rule. This way, it becomes much easier and safer resulting in smooth operations to an extent.

3.  Chest Cancer Detection

Cancer is a dangerous disease that often leads to the death of the infected. Chest cancer has topped the cause of death charts in India, caused by unknown reasons. One cannot dodge the contraction of chest cancer but can definitely detect it at an early stage to prevent further illness. Cancer detection, medically, takes a lot of time and a handful of tests that cost time & money heavily. In the worst-case scenarios, patients give up before the results come out. We programmers need to think of a way to cut time and money for chest cancer detection. Well, research proves that chest cancer can be detected speedily by using just the Chest CT scan images as compared to the traditional lengthy procedure of tests.

Implementation of this project would require accurate datasets from licensed medical firms (or open-source platforms). The training process should be handled carefully since it is related to healthcare. Remember that 1% inaccuracy would mean 1 out of 100 patients have been falsely detected, and they are at high risk. Automation is highly needed to cut edge-costs and money. The process requires patience, rigorous training, and background work.

4. Drowsiness Detection

We find cases of accidents where suddenly the driver falls asleep due to various reasons. As funny as this sounds, it’s quite true. Maybe the driver had contiguous sleepless nights and his body gave up, or whatsoever reasons but this leads to a risky situation for the passengers on that vehicle and the ones surrounding that vehicle. A drowsiness detection automated system is always on while the vehicle is moving and focuses on the driver. If the driver is detected to be drowsy then the system immediately alerts the driver. In case there’s no improvement in the situation, the system activates auto-driver mode in the vehicle (if available) or else will force park the vehicle and make a call to the trusted contacts that the driver once feeds in this system. This way, the risk of deaths is lowered to a great extent saving the driver and passengers from a tragic accident!

5. Vehicle Detection & Recognition

Not all projects need global attention or requirement. Some satisfy local needs too. For example, modern universities have thousands of visitors every day and most of them visit the university by commuting on a vehicle. Where there are vehicles, the parking system automatically comes into the picture, along with guards blowing whistles indicating where to park, etc… An important part of this process is authentication — to verify how the visitors are related to the university (teachers, administration, students, visitors, terrorists, or who?). At times of unprecedented situations like tangled traffic, a lot of mishaps are prone to occur such as a student escaping the university illegally, a terrorist entering the university in disguise by taking advantage of the situation, and so on.

An automated advanced vehicle detection & recognition system is a solution to such mishaps. This system should be designed in a way such that it detects the vehicle, the build, its number, and the passengers and verifies each time it passes what we call a tollgate and rings a siren whenever it finds suspicious activity/vehicle. This way nobody can escape the intelligent machine and the university/organization will be in safe hands!

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Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2020
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