Java Multiple Choice Questions

  • Last Updated : 09 Aug, 2023

Java is a widely used high-level, general purpose, object oriented programming language and also platform that was developed by James Gosling in the year 1982.Java is an high-level, object-oriented, secure, robust, platform-independent, multithreaded, and portable programming language. It is mainly used for programming, window, web-based, enterprise, and mobile applications.

In this article, we’ve compiled a series of Java MCQs. These Java MCQs questions and answers are designed to help you become more familiar with Java and to test your knowledge across various topics of Java. In this Java MCQs series we covers basics to advanced concepts of Java, these topic-specific MCQs offer a comprehensive way to practice and assess your understanding of Java concepts.
These Java MCQs questions are designed for both beginners and experienced Java programmers. No registration is required to start the test. Simply choose a test and begin your Java journey!

Java Architecture


One of the most important characteristics of Java is that it is platform-independent. Because of the Java Virtual Machine, it can run on any operating system, regardless of the surroundings.


The Java Runtime Environment creates an environment in which Java programmes can run.


The software development environment is mostly utilised in the creation of Java applications and applets.




FAQs on Java MCQs

Q.1 What are the benefits of using Java MCQs?

To Assess Java knowledge, enhance understanding, and identify your weak areas efficiently.

Q.2 Where can I find Java MCQs?

Online coding platforms, Java programming websites, and educational resources.

Q.3 How can I use Java MCQs to improve my Java skills?

Regular practice, review explanations, and focus on areas with incorrect answers.

Q.4 What are some of the most common mistakes made in Java MCQs?

Neglecting edge cases, misunderstanding syntax, and overlooking details while reading questions.