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Microsoft Azure Tutorial

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Designed by Microsoft in 2010, Microsoft Azure is one of the widely used cloud computing platforms. Azure provides a wide variety of services such as cloud storage, compute services, network services, cognitive services, databases, analytics, and IoT. It makes building, deploying, and managing applications very easy. All the Microsoft Azure fundamentals are also described for a better understanding of readers.

Microsoft Azure Tutorial

Microsoft Azure tutorial is designed for beginners to learn about Microsoft Azure and its various cloud computing services. It covers important concepts and provides a comprehensive understanding of Azure’s services. The tutorial includes a variety of topics that delve into the uses and services of Azure in depth.





A. Virtual Machines

B. Functions

C. Monitoring

Azure Services


Cognitive Services




Machine Learning and IoT



With the numerous functionalities and features outlined in this lesson, the Microsoft Azure cloud platform improves business efficiency. Additionally, it is affordable and easy for beginners to understand. Also, this tutorial will help learners in preparation for Azure certifications. Here we will see how the storage, compute, and network services will work along with the management and deployment of data in the cloud.

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Last Updated : 03 Apr, 2023
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