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Android Tutorial

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In this Android Tutorial, we cover both basic and advanced concepts. So whether you are a fresher (graduate) or an experienced candidate with several years of Android Development experience, you can follow this Android tutorial to kick-start your journey in Android app development. Our Android Tutorial is designed to take you from zero to hero level. Beginners can follow this Android tutorial in a sequential order to grasp the basics of Android development.

Android is the best-selling open-source Linux-based operating system among various mobile platforms across the globe. Hundreds of millions of mobile devices are powered by Android in more than 190 countries of the world. It conquered around 75% of the global market share by the end of 2020, and this trend is growing bigger every other day.

Android Tutorial - Beginner to Advanced

Prerequisites: Basics of XML and Java or Kotlin programming language. 




Software Setup and Configuration

Android Studio

File Structure


Core Topics




Intent and Intent Filters





Other UI Component

Image Loading Libraries

Date and Time

Material Design


Working with Google Maps




Advance Android



App Publish

App Monetization


Tips and Tricks



In conclusion, this Android tutorial serves as a comprehensive resource for beginners and experienced developers alike. By following the step-by-step instructions and leveraging the power of Android Studio, learners can acquire a solid foundation in Android app development. From understanding the fundamentals to exploring advanced concepts, this tutorial equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to embark on their journey in the world of Android development. With continuous practice, staying updated with the latest trends, and actively engaging with the Android community, readers can unlock endless possibilities to create innovative and impactful mobile applications. Start your Android development journey today and embrace the opportunities that this dynamic platform offers.

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FAQs on Android Tutorial

Q1: How can I learn Android easily?


To learn Android easily:

1. Set clear goals.
2. Learn Java or Kotlin.
3. Install Android Studio.
4. Understand the basics.
5. Utilize online resources.
6. Practice through projects.
7. Join a community or take a course.
8. Stay updated.
9. Embrace trial and error.
10. Build a portfolio.

Q2: What is the salary of Android developer?


According to various resources, the Average Salary of an Android Developer is ₹9,89,896 per year.

Q3: Which language is used for Android Development?


In 2023, Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language used by over 60% of professional Android developers that helps boost productivity, developer satisfaction, and code safety.

Q4: What is XML file in Android?


XML, short for eXtensible Markup Language, is a text-based document format used to describe data. Its extensibility and flexibility make it suitable for various purposes, including defining the user interface (UI) layout of Android applications.

Q5: Which language is best for app development?


Java, Python, C++, Kotlin, and Rust are popular app development languages ranked among the world’s top 10 most preferred languages in 2023.

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Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2023
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