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UPSC Previous Year Question Paper & Solutions

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Solving previous years’ UPSC question papers has been one of the most suggested techniques for understanding the nature of UPSC exam papers over the years. Only practicing with authentic IAS question papers will provide you with a true understanding of the structure and style of the UPSC questions. IAS aspirant always has this concern – Which previous year’s solved papers book for UPSC is best??? This is why GeeksforGeeks curated all previous year’s questions paper UPSC in one place.

To understand the complexity of the test, IAS aspirant students must concentrate on solving and answering these questions. We’ve also provided detailed solutions to some of the UPSC Previous Year Question Papers so you can check whether your answers are correct or not. 

UPSC Prelims Previous Year Paper:

Check UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary) previous year’s question papers below:

Year UPSC Prelims Previous Year Paper
2018 UPSC Prelims 2018 General Studies Paper I With Detailed Solutions

UPSC Prelims 2019 – General Studies Paper I


UPSC Prelims 2020 – General Studies Paper I


UPSC Prelims 2021 General Studies Paper I


UPSC Prelims 2022 General Studies Paper I With Detailed Solution

UPSC Prelims Answer Key 2022 – General Studies Paper 1

UPSC Mains Previous Year Paper:

Check UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary) previous year’s question papers below:

Year UPSC Mains Previous Year Paper
2022 Mains Essay Paper 2022

General Studies Paper 1

General Studies Paper 2

General Studies Paper 3

General Studies Paper 4

Why is it Vital to Solving UPSC Previous Year Papers?

Aside from learning the actual IAS exam questions, you will also receive UPSC response writing practice, which is essential for the mains. Solving UPSC Prelims questions will familiarise you with the MCQ structure of the prelims.

It is critical to improve speed as well as acquire strategies to avoid poor points on the prelims paper. Previous IAS question papers are also required for the optional subjects. Furthermore, completing the IAS mains paper can help you develop response writing habits as well as the ability to time each answer.

As a result, aspirants should solve at least ten prior years’ UPSC exams before taking the actual IAS exam.

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Last Updated : 12 Apr, 2023
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