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Ethics Notes For UPSC Exam 2024

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Important UPSC Ethics Notes and Ethics Syllabus for UPSC Exam: Ethics is one of the most valuable subjects to score more marks in General Studies Paper IV of the UPSC Mains exams. It is also more important to learn ethics if you want to become a better human being. Ethics is one of the most underrated and under looked subjects which causes concern in the aspirants. So, in 2013,  UPSC included the ethics exam paper which is also known as General Studies Paper IV in the UPSC mains exam. GeeksforGeeks has brought you all the UPSC Important Notes of Ethics.

Ethics Notes For UPSC Exam

In the below important topics in ethics for UPSC, aspirants will learn:

  • How to instill Ethics?
  • How to interact with society?
  • How to determine if an activity is Ethical or not?
  • What are the principles you apply to determine if an activity is ethical or not?

UPSC Notes For UPSC 2024 Prelims:

Study Meterial for UPSC Ethics Paper

Here we listing the overall UPSC chaper-wise Ethics Syllabus below:

Number of Chapters

UPSC Syllabus of Ethics





Emotional Intelligence


Ethics and Human Interface


Ethics in Public Admistration


Civil Service Value


Probity in Governance


Moral Thinnking and Philosophers


Others Important Topics on Ethics Asked In UPSC Exam

Most Important Topics of Ethics for the UPSC 2024 Mains:

Here we shared some of the most important topics of Ethics for UPSC 2024 exam:

Quotes For UPSC Mains Exam Ethics Paper And Essay Paper:

Tips For Strategy To Prepare for Ethics Exam 

UPSC has introduced an excellent topic in the CSE called ethics. It is critical to first grasp the fundamental ideas. Because the paper is focused on case studies, you may identify many case studies in your daily life and apply those principles to these case studies once you have mastered the concepts. Some important tips for preparing for the Ethics Paper for the UPSC CSE Mains Exam and getting a high score:

  1. The first and most crucial method is to practice using case studies. To begin, read a lot of case studies.
  2. Second, try to concentrate on the behavior of the many persons involved while reading the newspaper. It all boils down to three factors: stakeholders, communication, and decision-making.
  3. The trick is to keep resources to a minimum and concentrate on what is necessary. And it’s here that the prior year’s paperwork comes in handy.
  4. In addition, no matter whether the source is used, answer writing must be included. It is about articulation in ethics. It can only be enhanced via consistent writing practice.
  5. Include some personal stories, observations, or experiences.

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Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2023
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